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an Italy based studio, focused on Logo Design, Photography & Photo Retouch, Web Design and Development.

We strive to constantly improve both our and clients knowledge on the field, studying & implementing the lastest trends and technologies in our works.

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ahead of the competition, our knowledge already reached 5 Continents, helping Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, UK, United Arab Emirates and USA located clients maximise their market share.

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Selected clients

  • Calvin Klein
  • Creative Gloss Group
  • Luisa Spagnoli
  • Guess
  • New East Company
  • One Lens Media
  • Vetreria Etrusca



Selected works

in the Brand Design, Logo Design, Web Design+Development, Photography & Photo Retouch fields.

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is carefully crafted trough years of experience, resulting in a worldwide happy clientele.

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  • Client: Various
  • Year: 2010/2013
  • Field: Photography/Photo Retouch

As specialists with many years of experience inside the Photography and Photo Retouching fields, we shooted many Lookbooks, in various fields such as Photography, Design, Wedding, Restaurants and especially Fashion ones, as well for the big brands themselves. Those are under NDA and we can only show them during Business appointments.

Do you need high-quality photos or retouch? Contact us!

Logistics Responsive Website

  • Client: NDA
  • Year: 2013
  • Field: Web Design/Development

We're currently developing a Responsive, HTML5+CSS3 website for a huge logistics company, since their old one was nineties based and needed a fresh touch, both in design and development.

Do you need your website created or re-designed? Contact us!

Restaurant Logo Design & Corporate Identity

  • Client: Goran Eriksson/Porto Bello Restaurant
  • Year: 2012
  • Field: Logo Design/Branding

We have studied, re-defined and developed the brand identity for this luxurious, seafood focused Madrid based restaurant.
The Logo feature custom, handmade serif+script typography to express high-quality, custom services and preparation. Everything served there is about the freshest quality, so the identity needed to reflect a clean, highly organized, luxury based business - trough the use of clean, well thought typography layouts and negative space.

Do you need a custom Logo or a brand identity study and Design? Contact us!

Publications: This project has been published inside Stationery by Index Book and Corporate Identity by Zeixs

Wine Label+Bottle Design

  • Client: James Thomas
  • Year: 2013
  • Field: Packaging/Naming/Logo Design

We were hired by Thomas to develop the naming and packaging for his soon-to-be released high-quality Californian wines line. We came with a naming that despicted the weird, booze sound was descriptable of the unique process that Thomas vineyard follows.
The packaging put all the focus on the content - with custom typography that resemble the name, while being executed in a classic, yet modern way: offsept printing with metallic white/lightly yellow/red ink on silver foil, for the various qualities and colors - enhnancing the liquid itself with some light rays and reflections.
Do you need custom professional Packaging, Naming or Logo Design? Contact us!

Publications: This project is soon to be published inside one packaging book

Responsive Web Design + SEO & SEM services

We re-designed and developed an HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive website for this International, freight-forwarding company.
We also developed a Google AdWords campaign and an Organic SEO study, based on the clients requests; for each one of the client's requested search queries, the website is now on the first page of Google search results, respectively as sixth, fourth, second and first result!
Do you need Responsive Website Design, Seo optimization and Web Marketing Campaigns? Contact us!

United Nations posters

  • Client: UNCSD Youth and Children
  • Year: 2012
  • Field: Graphic Design/Photo Retouch

Our studio was hired to design 7 posters in six days, inspired by the Seven Pillars, the principal arguments of the United Nations Conference "RIO+20", held in Rio de Janeiro in June, 2012.
The poster were used in a toolkit - handheld in about 400,000 print unit at the event - and later used inside an exhibition.
Do you need Graphic Design services, poster/flyers designed? Contact us!

Printmee iPhone App Design

  • Client: Creative Gloss Group
  • Year: 2012
  • Field: App/UI/UX Design

We were hired to redesign the old look and feel for this App, that allow the user straight from mobile to make and purchase rare print.
With usability experience and sheavy conducted studies, surveys and so on, we managed to reduce the previous 16 screens to jut six - making the whole experience better looking, more rational and faster
Do you need an iPhone, iPad or Android App Designer? Do you need a usability consultation? Contact us!

Logo Design/Corporate Identity

  • Client: Personal
  • Year: 2013
  • Field: Branding/Corporate Identity/Logo Design

We finally designed and defined our whole experience as a client-satisfaction, premium quality based agency with a new payoff, studio and positioning. In fac everything we do start by KnOwledge™ with a pencil on paper, to let ideas and precision rule the whole work, may it be graphic design or a plain old fashioned typography piece.
The logo itself it's handmade trough one month-long process of trial and error, to address and express our love for the crafts, our passions as craftsmen and our commitment to the purest quality in the whole Nation. Typography i clean, modern with a royal, authoritative touch - composed in carefully crafted grid.
Do you need an handmade Logo, Mark or Logotype? Do you need your brand and Corporate Identity defined and Designed? Contact us!

Publications: This project is being published in two upcoming design books

Logo Design

  • Client: Various
  • Year: 2010/2013
  • Field: Logo Design/Brand Identity
  • Notes: To see the next Logo, click on/touch the image

As we're highly specialized into Typography and Logo Design, we love to design custom Logotypes and Logomarks from scratch, using Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Report and custom crafted grids, as well as handmade typography for the very best, unique results and positioning.
Do you need an handmade Logo, Mark or Logotype? Do you need your brand and Corporate Identity defined and Designed? Contact us!

Publications: All of our Logos are published in various Design books and magazines

What we do

We brings together human insight and new technology to design brilliant services.

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